A Guide to Your Search

Now that everyone is returning home from the hot summer it’s important to survey the legal landscape. There seems to be no end in sight for this booming legal economy, and, according to law firm leaders, 80 percent expect revenue growth for the rest of this year.


Here in Arizona, the first half of 2017 has come and gone and more than 130 firms searched for and found the attorney they were looking for. Of those firms, a majority found someone fitting the right qualifications within 30 days. So, act quickly.


Alongside those private firm jobs, companies across the state filled more than 118 different in-house counsel positions, and, from our count, more than 200 staff members and paralegals also found their right spot.


Each attorney’s career is a journey; market forces can lean a career toward different practice areas, and this year is no different. This year alone has seen more than 50 different litigation associate positions filled, and many, many firms are still looking. All of the best candidates share a background in litigation, but specifically some firms are focused on intellectual property, trusts and estates, and immigration.


And even more specifically, many firms are looking for a transportable book of business. So, while we know attorneys don’t like to do math, it’s worth knowing what your value is. With that said, you should know how much you billed last year and know how much resources and overhead you need to maintain a successful practice.


But what most stands out is your reputation, your character, and your work ethic. As a trusted resource, D. French Advisors is here to be an advisor should you or someone you know need guidance in your career path both when it comes to lateral moves or succession planning. Sometimes when an opportunity arises, you need someone on your team to ensure it’s at market and fairly represents your value.


D. French Advisors helps law firms and businesses identify outstanding talent and position that talent with great opportunity to succeed. For more information please visit www.dfrenchadvisors.com.