Are You Feeling Undervalued at Work?

Nothing quite brings negativity to your workday like feeling undervalued does. You want to have a sense of purpose and have your achievements recognized. If that isn’t happening, it may be time to look at your financials and move on. Or take another action. 


What Feeling Undervalued Looks Like

Feeling undervalued at work typically means that you do not feel like your successes are recognized. You may see other people getting praises for their work, but you complete similar tasks without recognition. This can lead to feelings of negativity and a loss of motivation. 


Why You May Be Feeling Undervalued at Work

There are plenty of reasons that you may be feeling undervalued at work, with each of them having a different level of impact on your life and feelings. Some things that commonly make us feel undervalued include: 

  • Being passed over for promotions or raises 
  • Having more responsibilities than your salary indicates 
  • Taking on more responsibilities without a promotion, raise, or any recognition 
  • Others taking credit for work you complete 
  • Not being able to access growth opportunities
  • Being micromanaged 
  • Being interrupted in meetings
  • Others restating your ideas in meetings with success 
  • Not being included in office chitchat and casual conversations 
  • Not having the resources you need to do your job 


What Can You Do About It?

When you feel undervalued at work, the first thing to do is confirm that you really are undervalued. Think about your accomplishments compared to those of coworkers and the praise each of you received. 


Consider if maybe the issue is not that you are undervalued. Maybe you just need more feedback. If you decide there is an issue, whether you are undervalued or need more feedback, you should bring the issue to your supervisor’s attention. Work with your boss to brainstorm ideas to keep you motivated and help you feel appreciated. 


Some people can overcome the feeling of being undervalued with introspection and self-motivation. Think about what you get out of your job and how it makes you feel fulfilled. Think about how your achievements have made a difference and focus on the positives. 


There is not always a solution that lets you stay in a job where you feel undervalued. In that case, take some time to reevaluate your financial situation and see whether you need to feel stuck in a workplace where you feel undervalued. Managing your wealth or financials may put you in a position where other options become available.