Fastest Growing Practice Areas

In the first quarter of 2015, our Arizona-based legal recruiting firm D. French Advisors has seen an increase in requests from our clients for attorneys in the practice areas highlighted below.


Intellectual Property – With rapidly evolving technology, IP is vital to all content creators, from small companies to major corporations. The Internet permeates most aspects of our lives, and with continued trends toward digitizing any and everything, IP work shows no signs of slowing down.


Real Estate– In Arizona and most of the country the real estate market is no longer in freefall, and it’s been in the backbone of our local economy for years. With the industry back on its feet, there’s been a growing need for lawyers versed in this practice.


Interestingly, the following two areas of practice trump the rest, both nationally and locally, in recent and future anticipated growth:

Cyber Security– Digital convenience also means an increased risk of data theft. Many major law firms are taking note of this growing practice area and adding it to their repertoire. See how one major law firm is moving into this arena:

Healthcare Law– The U.S. has an aging population; nearly 10,000 people turn 65 every day. As most healthcare costs arise in our later years, the resources spent in this area will continue expanding. Secondly, our state is a favored retirement destination, so we can expect this trend to be even more acute locally. Finally, the Affordable Care Act presents a variety of complexities in need of lawyers.


Also, if you missed it, there was an interesting recap and forecast for 2015 in the WSJ. See the article here and be sure to review the client advisory report done by Citi Private Bank:


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