Generations Y, Z, & Beyond

Generations Y and Z (1980-1994 and 1995-2010) are establishing themselves in the general workforce year over year and this is true with the legal industry, too. Folks enter the practice of law for different reasons now than a generation ago.  Firms need to understand, and embrace, the wants, needs, and expectations of Millennials.  Flexibility, mentorship, and engagement in open dialog are at the top of the list. Young lawyers need to be taught how to build a book and effectively “sell” their services. Megan Braverman of the National Law Review delves into the topic of Millennial retention here.


Not only are Millennials (and beyond) beginning to permeate the majority of the workforce, they are also becoming the majority of the client base.  Sharon Berman of the National Law Review says, “more than half reach out to multiple attorneys when they need legal counsel. By contrast, less than 40% of individuals in other generations contact more than one attorney” (click here for link).


How in tune are you with Millennials and beyond? Are you embracing the changes necessary to be successful? We hope the above articles plant a seed (or two) and give you a greater understanding of these generations.



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