Housing Affordability: Why Is It Necessary

There are several economic benefits to affordable housing. From community development to family benefits, the impact is real and measurable. Continue reading for a closer look at why affordable housing is important.



Sustainable Communities



Affordable housing is a critical need. It improves individual families as well neighborhoods. The positive impact at the family level spreads out to neighborhoods and communities. It brings positive outcomes to the city as a whole.


Studies show that affordable housing promotes social connection, uplifts residents, relieves overcrowding, attracts jobs and businesses, increases property values, and reduces crime rates.


Economical, affordable housing has a widespread effect. Affordable housing makes for communities that thrive through increased hiring and spending, increased taxes, as well as more revenue for governing bodies. When a family has less rent to worry about, they can spend more money on quality food and other items. As low-income families do not have to spend too much on housing, they have more money to spend on local businesses. This translates to more job creation and improving economic growth.



Aids in Diversity



Diversity gains with affordable housing as communities develop into places where people of different educational, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds coexist. It nourishes an understanding of different backgrounds, cultural nuances, and fairness. These variables come together to create a richer community with people who understand each other on a deeper level.


Investments in the community make neighbors less suspicious and fearful of other cultures, promoting positive social interactions.


When affordable housing is available, families can buy their first house, and children can have their own space to study.



Family Benefits



Affordable housing means stability, and stability is the cornerstone of family and child-rearing. Poor housing quality has been linked to educational and behavioral problems in children from low-income families. Addressing housing affordability is one of the simplest ways of lifting families out of poverty and allowing children the best opportunities for development.



How You Can Assist in Affordable Housing



There are several ways you can help promote affordable housing. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Educate: Learn and teach about the ways affordable housing benefits communities.
  • Donate: Show support by donating to those who advocate and create affordable housing.
  • Advocate: When you are educated, you can advocate for affordable housing and the communities that need it the most.
  • Know the Laws: Expand and sustain public and private programs and initiatives at the local, state, and federal levels. Strengthen housing laws such as the fair housing act that prohibits housing markets correlating with racial discrimination.





Affordable housing is important at the individual and community levels. It encourages diversity and a strong economy by putting more money back into the local economy.