How the Next Generation Is Driving Investments

The next generation is driving investments in new ways. Trends indicate that investors are younger, more diverse and willing to invest in new types of instruments. Below are some ways the next generation is changing the world of business and investments.



Boosting the Bottom Line through Diversity


Businesses are starting to recognize the importance of employee network groups. These groups are essential for diversity, provide a sense of community and create a support network for employees. This, in turn, leads to the best and brightest workers staying with the company. 



Driving the Democratization of Investments


Another significant way the next generation is driving investment is through the democratization of investments which was a natural consequence of the pandemic. People spent more time at home and had fewer activities to spend their money on. 


At the same time, discussions about investments became increasingly popular on social media. The combination of awareness of investments and free cash flow led to an increase in investments by the average person. 


Many brokerages took advantage of this by appealing to new investors with no stock commissions. This helped reduce the barrier to entry to investments and increase their appeal to the mass market. 



New Investment Vehicles


The pandemic also highlighted a shift to include more investment vehicles. While there was an increased interest in investing in stocks, investors now have more options. Blockchain-based investments, including cryptocurrency and NFTs, also saw a large increase in investors. 



The Investors Behind the Democratization


This next generation of investors behind investment democratization and mass adoption is largely younger and more tech-savvy. People are not only beginning to invest earlier, but they are also doing so with fewer assets. 





The financial market is experiencing more investments than ever thanks to employee network groups, interest in new investment vehicles, and mass investing by those who are younger and more tech-savvy. All of these factors drive changes that separate the next generation of investors from those who came before.