Map of the Valley’s Law Firms

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Much becomes lost to time. The earliest recorded footnotes in the practice of law in Phoenix are the election in 1881 and death in 1896 of the city’s first Town Marshall. Contemporaneously, Arizona’s first law firm, Fennemore Craig, opened shop in 1885 near what is today 1st Avenue & Washington Street. The Biltmore Financial Center was built in 1985, where they moved to and remain today. Snell & Wilmer opened its first office in 1938, and originally practiced in the Heard Building until the 1960s. In 1973 they moved to the Chase Building and finally, in the 1990s the firm moved to its current location in the Arizona Center.


Clearly, Phoenix has a storied history of law in which firms, even the biggest and oldest, have moved around the Valley as it has grown over the years. If you examine the map you will see that many firms are still located downtown. Others have either migrated to, or opened their doors in Scottsdale, Tempe, and the East Valley hoping to capture untouched territory in these newer areas of the Valley.

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