Noticeable Growth in the Legal Industry

As with most industries, the legal industry faced challenges during the pandemic. Recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s (BLS) Job Report shows that the legal industry has experienced noticeable growth recently. 


The report shows a positive trend in both people returning to the office in the legal industry and more people being hired. 



Recent Growth Figures


In recent months, the legal industry has typically added almost 4,000 new jobs monthly.  May 202, however, was an exception where only 1,700 jobs were added.


While the May figure is lower than expected, the BLS ultimately doubled its April numbers. The department had originally reported April growth of 3,800 new jobs, but the report released in June adjusted this to 7,900. The fact that April exceeded the recent average growth in the industry could explain the lower numbers in May. 


For an overall view of the recent growth in the legal industry, consider that this adjustment brought the latest total in the industry to 1,138,5000 new jobs created. 



Other Trends in the Report


The Job Report also mentions trends related to remote work. The peak of remote work was in May 2020, with 35.4 percent of Americans working remotely. The report released in June showed that this dropped to 16.6 percent. 


Many law firms across the country have created schedules for employees to return to work between now and January 2022. Some firms have asked legal teams to return to the office full time, while others are offering hybrid options. 


Recruiters at law firms report that not everyone wants to return to the office. Many employees, including associates and partners, want to find remote roles. Some law firms are embracing this and even allowing those in roles that were previously only in the office, such as administrative staff, the option of a hybrid model.