D. French Advisors fosters the formation of long-lasting strategic partnerships. By utilizing our vast knowledge of the local business and legal communities, we can make introductions and provide consultations for the type of partnerships that allow for growth. In addition, we serve numerous national and international law firms.  Our long-standing relationships will allow for growth of both the company/firm as well as the individual.



D. French Advisors is in regular contact with leading law firms and corporations in the market with access to the key decision-makers to ensure any candidate introduced through our team will be given a conscientious review.

Confidential Treatment

Our team knows your career is one of the most important aspects of your life and we take helping you find the right path very seriously. To that end, confidentiality is among our highest priorities.


Associates and Junior Partners/Counsels

D. French Advisors has a high-level qualified network of Associates to pull from to ensure the best fit for everyone.  We act as mentors and career coaches for our extended team to ensure that everyone’s needs are fulfilled.

Partner and Law Groups

While recruiting partners and groups is a measured process, our team’s goal is to find the right fit and structure helping to ensure relationships are lasting and beneficial for both parties.

Law Firm Expansion and New Market Entry

Our team has an extensive legal recruiting network and knowledge of the local landscape allows our team to help local law firm expansion and new market entry into the Arizona legal market.

Retaining & Outplacement Services

D. French Advisors offers law firms the guidance and advice to help retain its talent by helping to create a culture which rewards emerging talent, but also continues to draw on more senior partners’ years of experience into and beyond retirement.

In-House Recruiting

General and In-House Counsel

D. French Advisors extensive network of In-house senior executives and general counsel enables us to identify the fit that best suits your career.

In-House Legal Structure Advisory Services

Our team specializes in working with management of companies to assess their staffing needs.


D. French Advisors provides the recruiting services for RIAs and other wealth managing firms. Our team understands the intricacies of successfully growing firms and finding the right people to achieve the success of both candidate and company.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning

D. French Advisors helps firms retain and enhance their reputation and legacy through succession planning. We focus on putting a personal value on your professional career.

Forming the Plan/Creating the Strategy

There are many facets to consider when planning for the future.  We can help to navigate through this process and decide the best way forward for the client, firm and partner. Our experience with succession planning has been praised by our clients.  We can work with your needs depending on the firm’s size to achieve a solution that works for all.