The Art of Being a Salesperson

If you were to survey attorneys and ask why they decided to pursue a career in law, you would likely hear a plethora of answers.  Some choose law to make a difference in the community or represent the “good guys,” while others choose law for the income, intellectual stimulation, etc.


Regardless of the reasons behind the decision to become an attorney, there is one often overlooked aspect across the field as a whole: the element of being a salesperson.  To be a truly dynamic attorney in today’s world, one must be able to master the art of selling themselves to a wide audience.


Practicing law requires much more salesmanship than most would think.  At the end of the day, new business is based on how well one can sell both themselves and their firm.  Lawyer or not, selling yourself is one of the most valuable skills a person can possess.  It basically means being able to demonstrate confidence, both personally and professionally, and exude that self-assuredness (not in an egomaniacal way) to potential clients.


Depending on what type of law you practice, you may encounter clients who have little or no experience working with lawyers; this can make it all the more difficult to sell yourself successfully.  It can be easy to go down a rabbit hole getting too specific and not painting the big picture.  You’ll effectively lose them with their eyes glazed over.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, you may interact with prospects that work with attorneys on a regular basis.   In this scenario, you must communicate your own unique style or brand and what sets you apart from Jane/John Doe down the street.


Just as there is no 100 percent “correct” way to litigate a case, there is also no full-proof “correct” way to sell oneself to a potential client.  A key to successfully selling yourself and your firm is one’s ability to adapt to a client’s needs as they change.  Savvy attorneys utilize various styles, tactics and strategies according to what the case and the client require.  To be an excellent attorney you must not only sell yourself and your position, but also be able to sell the same position to another party with divergent beliefs from your own.


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