The Impact of Technology on Law Firms

While technology advances, not all of it seems to make its way into the legal field. After seeing how technological advances can help law firms, savvy attorneys should embrace at least some of them. 


The Challenges

A few main challenges have stopped law firms from fully embracing technological advances. A great deal of the resistance comes from the old guard lawyers. They feel that their current methods work perfectly fine, so there is no need to change them. The other issue is concerns about cybersecurity threats.


Both viewpoints fail to realize that the benefits of embracing technology far outweigh the risks. The improvements more than make up for time and money spent converting. Additionally, cybersecurity threats are easily minimized.


The Impact of Tech on Law Firms During COVID-19 Pandemic

Law firms that have embraced tech see less of a negative impact on their business from COVID-19. Courts have been closed for months, but law firms that use technology to work virtually can still operate. Many attorneys used the onset of the pandemic as an impetus to accelerate their shift to virtual services.


Virtual Consultations

One of the most important advances, especially during the pandemic, is the ability for lawyers to consult with clients remotely. Some have simply moved to phone consultations, but video consultations have more staying power. Clients often feel better connected and understood when there is a “face to face” conversation.

Accessing Documents, Etc. Via the Cloud

The cloud is another crucial piece of technology for virtual work. When documents are stored in the cloud, lawyers can easily work from home when there are restrictions. The cloud also allows paralegals and other support staff to work remotely.


Overall, technological advancements during the pandemic have made law firms’ processes more efficient and streamlined. Clients appreciate this efficiency which in turn creates higher client satisfaction and retention.